Hey! I’m Kris.

Certified Salesforce Consultant, volunteer with The Scout Association and blogger wannabe.

By day, I innovate with the Salesforce platform for businesses around the world and helping them unleash the true power of the platform. By night, I am a scouting volunteer that loves to help young people develop new skills and loves to be outdoors.

This site is my personal endeavour to share my thoughts on a broad range of topics based on my professional and personal experiences.

My Latest Posts.

A little more.

Life is not about the destination, it is about the journey you take.

I am based in Reading, UK and I work as Principal Consultant, specialist in the Salesforce platform.

In my downtime, I volunteer with The Scout Association as District Explorer Scout Commissioner, Training Adviser and Regional Management Skills Trainer. Having been in Scouting growing up, it has shaped my view of the world and given me the passion for a range of outdoor pursuits.

I’m married to the most wonderful and amazing wife in the world, and I am parent to a guinea pig with an attitude. This site is geared to my personal opinions and thoughts through my outlook on life.

If you would like to find out more about my professional work, head over here.

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